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I adore roleplays, being a creative person by nature roleplays give me an extra freedom for expression!

As a Bristol escort I love to create an atmosphere of complete escapism, dive into the depths of sensuality, to explore the world of eroticism, to live the dream with you, that what turns me on!

Roleplays with me, allow you to explore yourself, by becoming someone else!

Fantasies give you the freedom to be with whoever you want to be with, even if its a superhero,  however you want it, whenever you want it; and the best part is that you don’t have to feel ashamed or embarrassed because it will all stay between just the two of us! Unless, its a threesome fantasy  😉

Bristol escort role-play

Catwoman’s seduction, Darth Vader and Princess Leia, Captain 69 and his Naughty Stewardess, 1001 Nights – Sheikh and his Exotic Dancer, Witch and Lost Traveler, Secretary Slut, Tarzan and his Wild Jane, Policewoman, Naughty School Girl, Seduction of Dracula, Russian Spy and MI5 Agent, this are just to name a few from my Bristol escort repertoire! The world of fantasy is endless….

Please don’t worry, if you’ve never done a role play before. This is about having fun together and I’m happy to guide you through things with a smile. If you are an experienced  role-player, for your information, I am a switch and can easily play submissive or take the lead if its needed…

I love to plan our meeting in Bristol, thinking about scenarios in which sexual adventures take place, searching for the right outfits, music, light …is so exciting! Its like finding the right ingredients for making a magic potion! Hocus pocus and voila! A unique atmosphere and unforgettable experience is ready for your pleasure!

If you feel that role-playing is something that you want to explore with me, please let me know; with a little bit of time and preparation everything is possible!

Who knows what levels of ecstasy you can reach once you unleash that wild uninhibited imagination of yours in the bedroom…

Lets live the Fantasy together!!!

With Love,

Bristol Escort Cassandra

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