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Hello, I’ve just been putting up my Christmas tree. I didn’t have one last year, because I had no energy to do it. But now it looks amazing and brings a festive atmosphere to the whole house! Christmas is just around the corner, but I still have so much work to do between now and then.

Tomorrow, I am going to shoot some creative content for my Onlyfans profile. Yes, yes I have finally decided to start it, as i have the urge to express my creativity and be more intimate with you, despite of the distance between us.  So many of you liked my dancing videos and asked me why I have removed them from my twitter, so I thought of a special space, where you will be able to find my erotic creations for daily inspiration – lots of photos and videos, some insight into my personal life, as well as communicate with me in private. It will be our secret!

You can find it in the MEMBERS ONLY area of my website or by login directly to my Onlyfans profile.

All funds raised will go to charity.
Hope you will enjoy, my lovelies!



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