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“A wonderful night of intense passion and lively conversation in the delightful company of Cassandra, for me the perfect combination of the physical and the intellectual. She clearly has a keen interest in art and fashion and her appreciation of quality and excellence is most certainly evident in everything that she does! May we have many more such nights together!”
– Taormina

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“People often forget the eroticism of connecting through mind & spirit. The way a body tingles when its soul has been stroked by another’s. The comfort when someone not only understands you, but feels you.”

– Meredith Marple

These experiences are here to get you inspired, but no dates are the same. Each date is unique. I am carefully planning our time with attention to your preferences, creating a special experience 100% personalised for you.


Blonde Escort Cassandra4you

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To start your adventure, simply fill out an online booking form in contacts section of the site or call 07724 408041 to arrange your first date with one of the finest elite escorts in Bristol. Cassandra4you have been known for organising exciting and romantic evenings full of passion and attention to the details. What a nice way to spend a pleasurable evening, treat yourself for your birthday, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or other special occasions.

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A pine tree

A pine tree

And I sleep and see dreams, how I woke up without you

And I already live without you, without you

And then in that spring there were two of us

With us will stay forever the smell of green needles

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Maison Soquet Paris

Maison Soquet Paris

Maison Souquet is one of the multiple Parisian secrets. Once a pleasure house during the belle époque, today it’s an extraordinary hedonistic palace with a Jacques Garcia décor as indulgent and spirited as the illustrious courtesans it once housed. The 20 rooms ooze romance – guests can privatise the spa and the clandestine cocktail bar is wickedly pleasurable.

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Quantum Entanglement Theory can save the world

Quantum Entanglement Theory can save the world

This year's Nobel Prize winners in Physics have proved the Quantum entanglement phenomenon in which particles exist in a so-called entangled state where an action taken on one of the particles can instantaneously affect the other particles’ behavior, even if they are...

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