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Wanted to start Sunday with “Brindisi” from La traviata that i saw last night “Let's drink from the merry glasses
adorned with beauty;
and the fleeting hour
will be intoxicated with pleasure.
Let's drink to love, and love's kisses...”

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There were couple of people asking for my wishlist, so i created one. Visit Cassandra's wishlist @delivery_code #mywishlist #buyitall #deliverycode

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls." J. Campbell

You won’t believe that this photo is made in UK in November! Nature of St. Ives is so inspiring...

What a beautiful sunset i saw today... unbelievable colors!

I have a thing for the British red telephone kiosks... Did you know that since 1960s #escorts have been using them for advertising, by placing their cards inside the boxes. What a romantic way to advertise, you can spray card with your favorite perfume...

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Spend a day at Churchill War Rooms, how exciting is to see the impact of one person to the whole world. Recommend to anyone who has an interest in British history during the Second World War and wants to discover more about the Greatest Briton Sir Winston Churchill! #Churchill

My Hero and I. When you feel that there is so much in common...”Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” W. Churchill

Thank you very much for all the congratulations, warm wishes and presents! I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by such a wonderful people! And very happy to have you in my life! Hugs and kisses to each one of you! ❤️

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I am trembling, feelings of joy & gratitude for every moment in my life with you are overwhelming! Thank you! I am blessed, that years ago my mommy brought me to the English language school where i learned that True English Gentlemen do exist! 💖#birthday

“They may suspect me, but they’ll never see me. They may chase me, but they’ll never catch me. Never, Never, Ever Catch Me!” #Catwoman #roleplays are the most requested one from my repertoire ♥️

So happy to be back home to my UK! My love forever! Even the weather can’t ruin my happiness! Always happy here at the land of the best gentlemen in the world! ♥️

All the birds have flown up and gone; A lonely cloud floats leisurely by. We never tire of looking at each other - Only the mountain and I. - Li Po

The beautiful former Soviet country of Georgia resting high in the Caucasus Mountains at the meeting point of Europe and Asia. The view on its capital Tbilisi from the funicular.

Hello Beautiful Georgia! Just take a look at this view!!! ♥️

Charm is a glow within a woman that casts a most becoming light on others...

Morning gym with jacuzzi is done and now i am ready for my booking fresh and shiny!

#TuesdayThoughts 💘 #WCE 💘 THANK YOU ....For making Dreams come true 💋 @SwayMarcellis 🌹 @elegantlyava 🌹 @Cassandra4you 🌹 @ChloeBeart 🌹 .... Gentlemen would you Love these Queens to make your Dream come true??? #luxuryCompanion #dinnerdate #TravelCompanion #overnight #RT 💘

You asked me what you mean to me, my darling, you are my poetry...

Oh My God!!! 😍My sweetest dessert in canary yellow...💋😊✨💋🚀🔥

It was something out of space!!! I’ve seen Dita Von Teese live performance and it was just STUNNING! Thank you so much for turning my dream into reality! These sharp moments of happiness are the most precious things in life! ♥️

Good morning London! Its good to be here on sunny days like this!

Thank you for your inquiries! Although i can’t take anymore booking requests for this week as i am fully booked. I’ll be happy to see you in a sooner time. Taking bookings for the next week now. Many kisses and hope for your understanding ♥️

For those who were asking, yes, yesterday it was me on TV last night. I always wanted to change social perceptions surrounding the world of escorting. Hope i could at least add an extra dimension to it 😉 You can watch the full episode on My5.

Sending my kisses to the wonderful gentleman! Wearing your beautiful dress today Mr.

Nursing, in her still retreat.
All the passions mild and sweet;
And breathing many a plaintive ditty
Of Hope, and Joy, and Love, and Pity.
She is a fair and woodland nymph,
A wild and artless mountain beauty.

It’s that time of year when the temperature starts to drop, and we are getting ready to wrap up in warm hugs and jumpers. Let’s keep cosy this Autumn! ♥️

Beating the monday blues with the right shoes... #louboutin ♥️

Wanted to thank you dear Mr. A for this beautiful bracelet! And for your attention! Many many kisses to you!

Hello my darlings! For all of those who were worried that spiderman has eaten me on Halloween, no worries, i am absolutely fine, as i have eaten him😉 In London today, so can’t be in touch till tomorrow, but can send my kisses!

The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spider's web. Pablo Picasso ♥️

She always had a way with men,
Could win them to her side,
She had them eating from her hand
Although she never tried;
She wasn't such a beauty,
No special spell she cast,
Yet still they sought her company
Each falling hard and fast;

Sending kisses to the wonderful gentleman who spent almost 3 hours on train specially to see me! Thank you for perfect lunch date with unforgettable raspberry dessert;) Safe journey home honey! 💋

“To wake up to morning kisses, to wake up to the sound of the Sea, to the beautiful smell of coffee, on the planet where you are with me!”

Just finished “Breaking bad” series it was a roller coaster! Can anyone recommend something else to watch? With the same amount of intensity and unpredictable plot?

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“His knowing hands can do it all, his eyes full of desire...My hadyman thank you so much for lighting up my fire...”I am happy to admit that after all these years we still have so much to explore!;)

When you trying to make a sexy look, but realize that someone is watching you...😁

A bit of painting, my version of Aphrodite the goddess of Love and Beauty...

Somebody’s bunny and very naughty! ♥️ #fantasyescort

Meditation for sunny weather, health, love, harmony & wealth! 🙌#alwaysspringatheart ♥️

We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours.
Thank you so much! 💋💋💋