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International escort Cassandra with passion for delivering an exclusive escort service specially tailored to your desires, to stimulate body and mind in exquisite style.

I am inviting you to something out of the ordinary. An exclusive experience especially tailored to your desires and preferences, to stimulate the body and mind in an exquisite manner.

Each date is a unique experience, special for me and 100% personalised for you.

I offer you true eroticism of connection through mind and spirit, the comfort when someone not only understands you but feels you.

You will forget about the stresses of everyday life, relax body, mind and soul in atmosphere of complete hedonism. Feel inspired, energised and rejuvenated.

It will be my pleasure to release the fire inside you and take you to a place of joy, where you will feel special, understood and desired.

“The weekend that I was fortunate enough to spend with Cassandra proved emphatically what I had already suspected, namely that, when it comes to spending time with this remarkable woman, “longer” is most definitely “better”! Her passion for life, her enthusiasm and endless energy make it a complete joy to be in her company.
We certainly scaled new heights of delight in our latest encounter and both revelled in the precious moments that we shared together. Once again, Cassandra proved herself to be the perfect companion in every respect and I am already looking forward to our next opportunity”
– David

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“People often forget the eroticism of connecting through mind & spirit. The way a body tingles when its soul has been stroked by another’s. The comfort when someone not only understands you, but feels you.”

– Meredith Marple

These experiences are here to get you inspired, but no dates are the same. Each date is unique. I am carefully planning our time with attention to your preferences, creating a special experience 100% personalised for you.


International Escort Cassandra

International Escort Cassandra is known for her beauty, friendly attitude, attention to the detail and for her continually excellent feedback. So, if you want to treat yourself by booking a date with a beautiful and intelligent young woman, one who is interested in what makes you happy, the she will be the perfect choice for you. An experience of a lifetime, one that you will remember fondly forever.

If you considering to make an international booking, It’s good to remember that planning is everything and it is always recommended booking no less than 72 hours in advance. This is because Cassandra has very active life outside of escorting and her schedule is usually booked in advance, it’s not possible to jump on a plane immediately. Planning in advance allows you to get better deals on fights, to book the best hotels and restaurants, and also to ensure that you get the perfectly planned journey for you.

If you intend to visit some business events and have specific clothing requests then please don’t hesitate to mention them. If you have some other special preferences, please let them know in advance, so there would be enough time to get ready for the date. Remember that as one of the finest companions Cassandra wants you to be happy and she will only be too willing to accommodate your wishes as much as she possibly can.

International escort Cassandra – An experience like no other!


Back to Bristol in May

Back to Bristol in May

Hello My Lovelies! I am going to be in London until the 14th of May then I am back to Bristol for the whole summer of love, happiness, joy, fun and pleasure! So you will have plenty of opportunity to meet me! X

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Sexual Psychology

Sexual Psychology

I have officially started a course on Sexual Psychology in my continuing exploration of sexuality as the fundamental driving force behind people’s feelings, thoughts, behaviours and well-being. How it shapes the brain and body to be pleasure-seeking and how pleasure,...

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The power of red

The power of red

I grew up surrounded by the world of art and books about theatre and ballet. I remember from my early age my Grandmother, a lady of aristocratic origin, introduced me to the wonderful world of art. We were poring over her collection of art books on many different...

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